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AGE: 20

RESIDES:  Mooresville, NC

Heather ‘The Heat’ Hadley is a 20-year-old race car driver from Northern California aspiring to become a professional IMSA driver. Heather began racing at an indoor karting facility at the age of nine, and has since raced anything from Legend Cars, Sportsman Asphalt Cars, to Mazda Miatas, and anything else she can get her hands on! Heather not only has an absolute passion and talent for racing, with ten championships under her belt, she also is a charismatic and compassionate person looking to create a legacy lasting far longer than her lifetime. Heather is also an honor roll student often participating in community events that help to fulfill her personal dream of becoming a role model to children to help make a difference in the world.




  • First female to ever win the Silver State Winter Series Championship consisting of 4 first place finishes, 2-second place, and 2 third place finishes and Rookie of the Year Award


  • 6th place semi-pro division NASA Championship in the world 2018
  • 5th place semi-pro division Legends of the Pacific Championship in the state 2018


  • 1st place young-lions division Legends of the Pacific Championship in the state
  • 2nd place semi-pro division NASA Championship in the nation



  • 503 total races
  • 100% winning average
  • Ranked 2 of 355,842 people



  • 2- 1st place Race of Champions at Sonoma Raceway Championships
  • 2nd place Race of Champions at Sonoma Raceway Championship
  • 1st place KPX Championship
  • 2nd place KPX Championship
  • 2 - 1st place Gold Rush Championships for the clone and comer classes of karts
  • 5th place WKA Championship


heather's dad

Damon Hadley 

Damon is the proudest father in the world and Heather’s #1 fan. He works as a contractor in Vallejo, CA, but has simultaneously taken on the role of a mechanic as Heather progressed in her early years of racing. Although he makes sure to keep everyone laughing (also occasionally does stand-up), he also keeps Heather mentally and physically prepared for each race that they attend.

heather's mom2

Jenny Vance

Jenny Vance is a native San-Franciscan who works for Schmitt Heating and Air Conditioning. While working five jobs the proud, supportive mother still finds time to make it out to every single one of Heather’s races. Most know her by Jenny, but we know her as Heather’s Mom the“Super Fan!”