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Heather Hadley Racing Mission Statement

My mission in motorsports is to never stop pushing to be the best version of myself that I can be. I strive to always arrive at the race track prepared and focused, and I am always searching for what is around the corner. I hold a strong emphasis on having a loyal and hard working team, fan base, and support system. My ideal goal in racing consists of making it far in the road course ranks, while inspiring the younger generation to never stop working towards their dreams.

Heather is a 21-year-old race car driver from Vallejo, CA who started her racing career in go-karts. She later moved to Legend cars at the age of 14 and raced Asphalt Sportsman Cars at 19. She was sponsored and marketed by Mazda Motorsports for 7 months - featured on the back cover of Racer and SCCA Monthly and was a speaker at the SCCA Runoffs when she was only 12 years old. Click below to read more about this amazing young woman.  Keep your eye on this talented young racer!